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Presented by Ffotogallery, Bedazzled celebrates the special relationship Dylan Thomas had with the United States, New York in particular, and the enduring influence of his life and work on both sides of the Atlantic. New Quay (15-18 Oct) Cardiff (29 Oct-1 Nov)

In a series of live events ‘re-imaging’ his favourite watering hole The White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village, audience members are transported back to the heady bohemian world of New York in the early 1950s where Dylan Thomas’ charisma and dramatic and lyrical use of language left all around him spellbound.

The audience are invited to pull up a stool and enjoy unexpected encounters with a diverse cast of characters representing the artists, writers, musicians, social misfits and outsiders who were in Dylan Thomas’ orbit in the last years of his life.

An accompanying website allows audiences around the world a glimpse into Dylan Thomas’ life in New York and the surrounding cultural milieu, as well as the gaining insights into the creative process behind Bedazzled.

Bedazzled will take place in Cardiff, Swansea and New Quay in August/September 2014.

Full details here on their great new Bedazzled site