Sunday 27th October 2013 marked 99 years since Dylan Thomas’ birth, and also the start of the year-long centenary celebrations. Dylan Thomas would start many of his recitations with the words “I am going to read aloud”, and on 27.10.13 it was your turn.

Dylan Thomas 100 launched the first ever Dylan Day on the 27th October using the online community to record as many Dylan Thomas poems as we could between us. Dylan Thomas was an advocate for new media embracing the latest communication methods for the broadcast of many of his works. In the spirit of this we wanted you to use your smartphones to record 6 seconds of yourself reading a line of Dylan Thomas’ poetry and send it to us. We then edit all the clips together to create the completed poems!

Watch and listen to the completed poems 

Fern Hill

And death shall have no dominion

Do not go gentle into that good night

Love in the Asylum

Poem on his Birthday

The hunchback in the park


1)      You’ll receive an email from us (this could take up to 12 hours depending on the time of day etc) with further instructions, the full version of the poem that your line is from, with the line you’ll be reading aloud in bold.

2)      Use Vine to record your line within the 6 seconds it allows you. Here’s comedian and actor Nadia Kamil reading her line…

3)      Once recorded click the options to “share this post” and then “copy link”.

4)      Paste the link into a tweet using the following wording – #IAmGoingToReadAloud @DylanThomas_100 “INSERT VINE LINK” #DylanDay

5)      That’s it! We’ll do the rest.

We’ll then edit everyone’s clips together to create new readings of Dylan Thomas’ poems created entirely by you.


It’s up to you how you want to record your 6 second clip. It could be in a special location, or you could use Vine’s unique way of filming to create something a bit different… or you could just record it in your favourite easy chair. We don’t mind, we want this to be about how you want to express yourself through Dylan Thomas’ work.


You can tweet us your clip as soon as you’ve recorded it if you want to, but all we ask is that you resend your tweet on Dylan’s actual Birthday, 27th October. If you miss Dylan Day don’t worry! We’re going to be collecting clips throughout the year until Dylan’s Centenary in 2014.