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Dylan Thomas 100 is a community of many organisations, individuals and events brought together via social networks and this site (as well as, the old fashioned way, in person).

The influence and reach of Dylan Thomas’ work is such that the original idea of celebrating 2014 attracted the attention of a large number of interested parties and an initial stakeholders meeting took place that sparked what is now a Welsh Government led major initiative with a wide range of key organisations that have committed time and resources to the celebration.

The project’s creative vision will give you a clearer picture as will the summary of overall objectives.

We are proud to have HRH Prince of Wales as our Royal Patron and Hannah Ellis (Dylan’s grand-daughter) as our Honorary Patron and a vibrant member of the community.

Our Patrons and Ambassadors represent a diverse, eclectic  artistic melting pot from Wales, the UK and beyond and we‘re truly grateful for their input, interest and enthusiasm.

This site is the lynchpin for a growing, wider community of all those who may have an interest in Dylan Thomas and his association with Wales – from longstanding fans and afficianados of his work to those who’d like to find out a little more about the man, his work and the unique places and landscapes that inspired him.

Our funding partners can be found here.